Anonymous asked:
Your blog has been a great inspiration to me in neighborhood building; I never could really get into it before. Where can I find Criquette's modest embankment set recolored to match CuriousB's terrain replacements, as seen in your neighborhood pics? I've been longing for something like that.

Oh… I don’t even have any words, other than thank you so much! :3

The embankment recolours are by Pikkon and can be found here

galaxy-sims2 asked:
WCIF the braces? (also a tooth gap?)

I answered a wcif about the braces just a moment ago. They’re the second download and can be found in the full face makeup section.

The only tooth gaps I can think of are these ones at MTS

sims-addiction asked:
Hello Poppet (: I'm looking for some colorful maxis-match skintones with spots could you help me, please ?

Lilith made some colourful skins and shared them here. They don’t have spots, but they can be easily added using makeup and such. My favourites are these fantasyrogue recolours that curiousb did, nyren’s orion skin markings and these spots, also by nyren. That last link also has some colourful, spotty skins

gemcandy asked:
Hi Poppet~ Do you know any places or links from where I can get pretty and good sightable moles and freckles and the likes? I got a sim who would look even better with freckles, but I have no clue where to find good sightable ones.

Nilou shared some nice moles and freckles here and I’m always using the ones Voleste uploaded here since they work well with darker skin tones

Anonymous asked:
WCIF her teeth? /post/82826791651 :P

Her teeth are part of the skintone, but she’s also wearing some braces which you can download here. The pictures there are down right now, but they look like this in-game

Anonymous asked:
can you please tell me where you got the clothes and hair in this /post/77932019936? hes so cute :3

Aww, he is, isn’t he?

The top is by fakepeeps and can be downloaded here and the hair is called Long Wavy Top and can be found in a bunch of different versions here

Anonymous asked:
Hey Poppet! This isn't a specific WCIF to one of your posts, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions on where I could get some cute nautical themed cc? Mostly home decor but clothing is ok too! Thanks!


The first set that pops to mind is Veranka’s 3t2 Nautical Living set. Shastakiss also shared object recolours at GoS, and AroundTheSims has a beach house kitchen, bedroom, nursery and living room, note; if you want the donators items, you can get those at the booty

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Anonymous asked:
Hey, sorry if you've been asked this before but where did you get those plumbob earrings and your neighbourhood deco? Your neighbourhoods look amazing *,* thanks in advance

Aaah, thank you :3

The earrings can be downloaded here - I use Trapping’s edited ones which you can find a link for at the bottom of that post

For neighbourhood deco I mostly use 3t2 conversions, which you can find listed over at the conversion database. Silent Dragon’s tree replacements are also one of my favourite things and make trees look like trees and not blobs. Those can be downloaded from this thread under the Easter Egg Hunt 2013 section :)

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Anonymous asked:
Hey Poppet!!! His hair is awesome!!! /post/63759694523 where can I get it???

It’s Newsea’s Soledad hair which you can either get here in Remi’s textures, or here in Pooklet’s

Anonymous asked:
What brows do you use for your sims? :)


I use Trapping’s binned Syrendoft brows. My absolute favourites :3

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WIP of some holiday homes

Small sports bar

Townie, Suzie Diaz

Anonymous asked:
Hi Poppet, I just recently discovered your amazing tumbr and apparently got a litte carried away :) May I ask wcif the grocery display in this post: /post/48065087139? I hope you don't mind me asking about a post that dates back a year

Heh, I don’t mind one bit :3

It’s by HCove and can be downloaded here

Anonymous asked:
hello, your sims have such beautiful clothes and i was wondering where your favourite places to get them from are? especially adult males. thanks ^^

Oh, anon, I hope you know this list will probably end up pretty big and I’ll most likely end up linking to every creator in my clothing folders :P

Okay, so…

Trapping, who you can find on tumblr and at Livejournal. There’s also a download directory of her things here. The clothes tag over on trappingcrushes is also a good place to look
which is down still, but their 11th anniversary catalogue isn’t
and then there’s the default database which is a definite must