Anonymous asked:
Hey Poppet! Jay's shirt is a BG shirt or is it CC?

It’s CC which you can find here

amonsimmies asked:
This is a Tumblr hug! :) Pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite followers and remember: don’t break the chain! :D


Jay makes sure the party, and the round, ends with bang.

Rory celebrates becoming an elder by slow dancing with his wife

Rory and Jay have a joint birthday party

Father and son bonding over a healthy breakfast of ice cream sundaes

Rory all excited about a love letter that isn’t his

The garden was forgotten about. Again.

1.) Aww, well thank you so much <3

2.) I’m really not familiar with the ultimate collection, so I’ve no idea if it would cause problems or not. Sorry!

3.) It doesn’t have to be, but I do think it looks nicer if it is a seamless pattern. When you’re creating bedding, you need to recolour the Colonial Ironwood Bed, there’s a tutorial about it here. I also highly recommend using CuriousB’s complete bedding kit, it really makes the whole process so much easier :)

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Quilted bedding in 35 colours made using CuriousB’s kit.

Swatch can be seen here and is included, files have been compressed and are clearly named.

» Download Duvet Days «

Anonymous asked:
Hey Poppet! I just love everything you share, such a lovely and colorful game you have! <3 Maybe you could re-upload the Shine-Be-Gone nosemasks? Thx!

Thank you :3 Here you go!

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mysimplesimblr asked:
Hi! I know you have threadsandsandpaper's It Will Last Longer frames/meshes and have done recolors on them. I was wondering if you would mind explaining to me how you did that? I would love to use them to do wall photos of my legacy family, but I can't figure out how to edit them in SimPE/Photo Studio (I do have Photoshop to edit with, I'm just new to CC for the sims in general and TS2 specifically. Thank you and I hope your ankle feels better soon!

I’m obsessed with those frames!!

Painting recolours are fairly easy once you get the hang of it. I did write a tutorial here which deals with recolouring in general and it’s the same process when doing paintings. I also keep templates of all the paintings I frequently recolour to make things easier, I’ve uploaded them if you’d like to use them as a guide? Just bear in mind that when you do recolour those frames, you only need to do the meshes that have Master in the file name, all of the meshes are slaved and will pick up any recolours you make

Anonymous asked:
Do you play The Sims 4: Create-A-Sim Demo? And if the answer is "yes", what is your opinion about it?

I played a pirated version of it and uninstalled it the next day after making a couple of sims. I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t. The whole thing felt clunky to me, and after reading the huge list of things that won’t be included in the game made the decision to not buy it much easier. I won’t even be pirating it :P I’ve lost all interest in the game, which is a shame because I was looking forward to it a little while ago. 

Anonymous asked:
Could you please re-upload your awesome "Fargo" posters! I loved that Movie! :)

I loved the film too… and the TV series! Now I’m just impatiently waiting for series 2, and for the first one to come out on dvd so I can watch it all over again. Here you go, re-uploaded them to mediafire for you

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Anonymous asked:
Being injured, having family around and *still* taking time out of your day to answer questions and wcifs? POPPET CONFIRMED FOR SWEETEST PERSON IN THE SIMS COMMUNITY.

Favourite Lassie gif as a reply because ack, I’m completely lost for words right now :3

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