Anonymous asked:
I cannot download your cc :( when i click on the ' download ' square on box website nothing happens ;-;

I know, it’s because I’ve run out of bandwidth and it doesn’t reset until the beginning of next month. If you want, you could let me know what items you’ve tried downloading and I can re-upload them to my mediafire account.

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Anonymous asked:
I need help! Two days ago I install The Sims 2 and all the expansions + stuff packs. Everything was fine until I noticed that some items of Mansion & Garden was missing. It's the first time that this happen. :( What can I do?

I wish I could help, but I honestly don’t have a clue. All I can think of is checking the help section over at MTS. Sorry!

Anonymous asked:

Hiya! I use these ones by lirunchik along with these recolours

Floor plan #3, the Hawk’s house. This one has the living room and kitchen upstairs and the bedrooms on the bottom floor.

I was going to go into each of the playables houses (those that don’t have matching layouts) and take pictures for you anon, but I’m feeling sick right now and have had to exit the game

Floor plan #2, the Foley’s house.

For the anon that requested floor plans, here’s one of the Belser’s house. I’ll upload others shortly

Pretty straight forward since I’m not much of a builder and prefer simple layouts :D

Anonymous asked:
hello poppet, sorry for bother you but could you please re-upload your Crystal Illusions. Your box link seem to be broken. Thank you.

Ah, my Box account has reached it’s bandwidth limit. Thanks for letting me know :3 I’ve re-uploaded the crystals to my MediaFire

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Anonymous asked:
You know WCIF the Rented Space's 3t2 Updo in white?

I don’t think I’ve seen that hair done is any colour other than naturals, sorry

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any tips for starting a neighborhood from scratch? Like building lots, not getting bored or impatient with it etc

I love starting new neighbourhoods and seeing them grow! I’ve never really bothered with challenges, like a bacc (I’d find it too difficult to stick to the rules,) so I usually start by building a whole bunch of community lots like cafes, restaurants, pools, parks and other kinds of places that you’d find in real life. I’m not terribly great at decorating neighbourhoods in the beginning and I generally just throw trees everywhere. I usually leave a lot of the NH deco until I’ve got a few lots to work around. I always build houses after I’ve created sims and a couple for later since I don’t really like empty looking hoods. A lot of people use floor plan websites for ideas when building, and I have before, but a lot of the time I just make it up as I go along. I like to decorate and furnish houses before sims move in, too (again, I don’t like emptiness) but I never fill it with everything they’ll need otherwise there’d be no wants to buy things.

The only cheat I use in playing is the family funds one, and that’s just to give a sim enough money to buy the house I built for them. After that they’re on their own and can’t buy anything unless they get a job. It’s always tempting to cheat, but I just think it defeats the purpose and makes things too easy. 

As for tips on how not to get bored. I really don’t have any, I got bored creating my current neighbourhood and I still find myself getting bored of the families at times, and when that happens I take little breaks and the urge to play again always returns eventually. Forcing yourself to play or do something when you really aren’t feeling it is only going to put you off even more. At least, for me it does

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Anonymous asked:
WCIF the TV recolor in this post? /post/75729799755

It’s a recolour I did which you can find here

I’ve just realised I’m out of bandwidth, so I’ve re-uploaded them here

Anonymous asked:
Can you share some floorplanes, please? <3

Sure! I’ll most probably be loading my game some time later today, so I’ll post pictures then :)

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Anonymous asked:
Do you know if Sims 2 can be played on a Windows 8 computer?

I think it can? But I’m not sure how well it plays, or how easy it is to get it working. I do know I follow a few people who play on Windows 8 (and the trouble they’ve had) so it is possible. There’s a thread over at GoS that might be more helpful than what I can be :)

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Anonymous asked:
You inspired me to start playing TS2 again after a long hiatus with your wonderful pictures, attitude, and sense of fun--not to mention the abundance of incredible custom content that you've made! You're one of the people who make this silly game about perpetually peeing pixel people worthwhile and interesting. Happy (belated) birthday, Poppet! ~Broody

What a lovely, sweet message to wake up to. Thank you so much, I don’t even know what to say. I honestly have the stupidest grin on my facenow. It always makes me happy to hear of people coming back to the game, and I really hope you enjoy your time playing again <3

Eee, thank you all for the birthday messages. It means a lot <3 and if you were here I’d totally share the many eggs I got as gifts. Easter should land close to my birthday more often, my shelves are heaving :3 

4simapple asked:
hello, i forgot but u put recolours of floors (carpets) for download can u send me link? ur blog is magnific! srry for english :/

Aww, thank you :3

The only carpets I can remember recolouring are these ones